BranchCommit messageAuthorAge
masterAdded qwt name in FindQwt.cmake necessary in some Linux DistrosJan Kraemer30 hours
maint-3.8modtool: Py2 `input` means `eval`; use `raw_input` instead.Marcus Müller43 hours
maint-3.7blocks: fix multiply matrix complex set_A (3.7)Josh Morman3 weeks
maintAdd a clear warning to README and CMake that `maint` is a dead end.Marcus Müller13 months
python3modtool: modify str.translate() for python3 compatibilitySwapnil Negi15 months
androidcmake: set correct vars when pkg-config finds GSLNathan West4 years
v3.8.0.0gnuradio-  gnuradio-  Marcus Müller2 weeks
v3.8.0.0-rc2gnuradio-  gnuradio-  Marcus Müller5 weeks
v3.8.0.0-rc1gnuradio-  gnuradio-  Marcus Müller5 weeks
v3.7.13.5gnuradio-  gnuradio-  Marcus Müller4 months
3.8tech-previewgnuradio-3.8tech-preview.tar.xz  gnuradio-3.8tech-preview.zip  Marcus Müller11 months
v3.7.13.4gnuradio-  gnuradio-  Marcus Müller13 months
v3.7.13.3gnuradio-  gnuradio-  Marcus Müller14 months
v3.7.13.2gnuradio-  gnuradio-  Marcus Müller15 months
v3.7.13.1gnuradio-  gnuradio-  Marcus Müller15 months
v3.7.13.0gnuradio-  gnuradio-  Marcus Müller15 months
AgeCommit messageAuthorFilesLines
30 hoursAdded qwt name in FindQwt.cmake necessary in some Linux DistrosHEADmasterJan Kraemer1-1/+1
43 hoursFix memset clearing non-trivial type gr_complex warnings in gcc-8Anders Kalør9-34/+41
45 hours3.9. OOT needs to rely on 3.9Marcus Müller1-1/+1
46 hoursRemoved double import of numpy in gr_filter_designJan Kraemer1-40/+39
46 hoursFixed gr_filter fftpack usage with numpy >= 1.17Jan Kraemer1-2/+13
2 daysruntime: add msg ports to dot graph and use unique namesBastian Bloessl1-1/+7
2 daysruntime: update flaky qa test to 3.8 schedulerBastian Bloessl1-7/+1
2 daysruntime: block gateway shadowed system portBastian Bloessl1-1/+5
2 daysclang-tidy in gnuradio-runtime: use empty() instead of size()!=0Marcus Müller61-104/+110
2 daysUse emplace_back(params) instead of push_back(type(params))Marcus Müller14-215/+206