BranchCommit messageAuthorAge
maint-3.8gr-uhd: Add filter API functions to the USRP blocksDerek Kozel34 min.
mastergr-uhd: Add filter API functions to the USRP blocksDerek Kozel4 hours
kill-volk-submodule-pointerRemove VOLK as a submoduleMartin Braun11 days
maint-3.7additive_scrambler: Fix count based resetrear101913 days
feature/add_terminate_handlerruntime: Add terminate handlingPaul Wicks3 weeks
maintAdd a clear warning to README and CMake that `maint` is a dead end.Marcus Müller18 months
androidcmake: set correct vars when pkg-config finds GSLNathan West5 years
v3.8.0.0gnuradio-  gnuradio-  Marcus Müller6 months
v3.8.0.0-rc2gnuradio-  gnuradio-  Marcus Müller6 months
v3.8.0.0-rc1gnuradio-  gnuradio-  Marcus Müller6 months
v3.7.13.5gnuradio-  gnuradio-  Marcus Müller9 months
3.8tech-previewgnuradio-3.8tech-preview.tar.xz  gnuradio-3.8tech-preview.zip  Marcus Müller16 months
v3.7.13.4gnuradio-  gnuradio-  Marcus Müller19 months
v3.7.13.3gnuradio-  gnuradio-  Marcus Müller20 months
v3.7.13.2gnuradio-  gnuradio-  Marcus Müller20 months
v3.7.13.1gnuradio-  gnuradio-  Marcus Müller20 months
v3.7.13.0gnuradio-  gnuradio-  Marcus Müller20 months
AgeCommit messageAuthorFilesLines
4 hoursgr-uhd: Add filter API functions to the USRP blocksHEADmasterDerek Kozel4-1/+127
32 hoursImprove complex math speed by disabling NaN/Inf checksghostop141-0/+8
32 hoursfft: fixup Log Power ymldevnulling1-1/+0
35 hoursUpdate license header to SPDX formatdevnulling2698-35108/+2819
40 hoursgr-digital: Remove unused private variable and -Wsign-compare warnings.Ron Economos4-5/+3
3 daysgr-fft: Remove unused private variables.Ron Economos4-14/+3
3 daysdigital: add filter response truncation to generic modJosh Morman2-5/+26
3 daysgr-digital: fix undefined behaviourValerii Zapodovnikov1-1/+2
3 daysgr-dtv: add missing std::nothrowValerii Zapodovnikov1-1/+1
3 daysblocks: Add show_id flag to Probe Signal VectorHåkon Vågsether1-1/+1