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* Reorganized project structureEric Kuck2018-12-141-129/+0
* Most similar views now shared between ViewControllersEric Kuck2018-12-141-7/+7
* TunnelsManager: Report activation errors through the activationDelegateRoopesh Chander2018-12-131-1/+13
* More linter warnings fixed, enabled more swiftlint rules, project cleanupEric Kuck2018-12-121-1/+1
* Tons more swiftlint warnings fixed. Still a few remaining.Eric Kuck2018-12-121-1/+1
* Added swiftlint and fixed all errors (and a bunch, but not all, warnings)Eric Kuck2018-12-121-6/+7
* State restoration: Restore tunnel detail viewRoopesh Chander2018-12-071-0/+29
* Main VC: No need to refresh statuses if the tunnelsManager isn't initialized yetRoopesh Chander2018-12-071-4/+0
* Error handling: Cleanup Tunnels Manager errorsRoopesh Chander2018-12-071-3/+7
* Refactor out VPN-handling stuff from tunnels list VC to the main VCRoopesh Chander2018-12-031-0/+36
* Remove unused codeRoopesh Chander2018-11-091-4/+0
* iPad: Configuring the split-view controller should happen in init(), not loadView()Roopesh Chander2018-11-071-4/+9
* Global: fix up captialization in headersJason A. Donenfeld2018-10-301-1/+1
* Import: Support for opening a .conf file in the appRoopesh Chander2018-10-271-0/+8
* Smaller copyright headersRoopesh Chander2018-10-271-7/+2
* Configure the split-view controller to work in both iPhone and iPadRoopesh Chander2018-10-271-0/+24
* Change copyright to WireGuard LLCRoopesh Chander2018-10-271-1/+1
* Use a split-view controller as the main (root) view controllerRoopesh Chander2018-10-271-2/+10
* Move UI code into a separate platform-specific folderRoopesh Chander2018-10-271-0/+15