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FreeBSD, just `capable()`, which makes it a bit weird for one jail to have
permissions in another.)
- Make code style consistent with one FreeBSD way, rather than a mix of styles.
-- Run ratelimiter gc in a properly scheduled manner.
- Make sure noise state machine is correct.
-- Clear mbuf tags and other members properly.
+- The cookie logic appears to be broken in unusual ways, in particular right
+ after boot up. Audit and compare all `is_valid` checks, as well as
+ `have_sent_mac1` guards.
+- Investigate whether the allowed ips lookup structure needs reference
+ counting.
+- Handle failures of `rn_inithead` and remember to call `rn_detachhead`
+ somewhere during cleanup.
+- Stop using `M_WAITOK` and use `M_NOWAIT` instead.
+- Make sure ratelimiter is empty and deinited.
+- Check return value of `rn_inithead`.
+- Perhaps call `rn_detachhead` to free memory when destroying aip.
+- Have one rate limiter table per module, and hash in jail/fib pointer.
### Crypto TODO